Island Hopping in British Virgin Islands

Last month, Candy Geiler had the opportunity to visit several islands in what makes up the British Virgin Islands and besides a couple nights in a house she swears was haunted, she also got to see the sights like a local.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a collection of 60 islands in the Caribbean under the United Kingdom flag. Similar to the US Virgin Islands in feel and eccentricity, each island is it’s own microcosm and warrants exploration.

Traveling to the BVI’s requires a valid passport and US passport holders can stay up to 1 month restriction free. There are a couple ways to get to the BVI’s:

  1. Fly into St Thomas, and take a ferry or private boat transfer. Some islands will include that transfer into the cost of their resorts. However you do it, you must clear customs into the area, most likely thru Road Town, Tortola. It’s a stop en route to wherever you are calling home.
  2. A shorter way would be to fly into the Beef Island Airport, which is an island attached by bridge to Tortola, the capital of the BVI’s.

Several years ago, there was a toll to cross the bridge, a gentleman would sit and hold out a stick to which was attached a Vienna sausage can. The driver deposited 2 quarters and off you went. Sadly, both the Vienna sausage can and the gentleman are gone but at least the toll is free.


Once clearing customs, take a boat launch to your island of choice or just stay on one of Beef Island or Tortola’s beautiful resorts. From Beef Island, you can also connect to anywhere by boat from Trellis Bay, sort of the “Atlanta of connections” for the BVI’s.

Long Bay, Tortola Island

Long Bay, Tortola Island

Sailing is one of the primary ways of enjoying this beautiful Caribbean world. You can hire your own charter from a number of companies (available thru World Travel Mates). The Moorings is one of the largest companies and have been in business since 1969. You can hire a vessel and do your own sailing or stay on board as long as you like. All boats come complete with a crew and all the luxuries of a fine yacht!

From luxurious full service resorts, to yachts, to private villas, complete with chef and servant a vacation in the BVI’s is an experience to remember. To start thinking about or booking your next vacation, check out our British Virgin Island page



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