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Summertime Happiness

Without a doubt, summer is my very favorite season of the year. The reason for this is three-fold:


1. I do not like coats. Having to wear a coat actually makes me angry. Even when the temperature necessitates a coat, I refuse to wear one.  And although I equally hate being cold, I suffer silently in protest to these annoying, bulky and cumbersome protective coverings. Thank you, summer, for your warm and balmy (albeit, humid, stifling & unbearable at times) temperatures, your long days and short nights (more time to par-tay!), and justification for flip-flops, tank tops and pony tails (a girl’s got to control the frizz!).   By the looks of this picture, my lack of enthusiasm for coats has been evident for the majority of my life.


2. It’s almost football season. Now I know most people equate football with the fall (my third favorite season), but training camp begins mid-summer, games begin in August (it’s pre-season, but who cares) and the grills are fully warmed up and seasoned for tailgating.   Since most of my team gear (GO Panthers!) is short-sleeved and I have an aversion to cold weather (see above), the late summer and early (very early) fall games are ideal.  Bring on the burgers, brews, corn hole and Luke Kuechly!!


3.  I looooove summer vacations! I especially love the beach.  Love sun bathing, love the sound of ocean waves, love the smell of salt air and sunscreen, love long walks along the shore, love getting up early to see the sunrise & then the next day sleeping in without setting  an alarm.  Reading books, playing bocce ball, building sand castles, riding bikes and firing up the blender (it’s never to early to say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”).  The anticipation of vacation gets me through long and stressful work weeks, monotonous day-to-day tasks and the months of January through March (barely!).  Long or short, with family or with friends, summer vacations as a child and with my children are some of my fondest memories!  And in less than 48 hours, Beach Week 2014 begins… Peace Out!!




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Down with the Derby

Growing up I had a fleeting but full-fledged obsession with horses and competitive show jumping. Nothing made me happier than being at the stables and my greatest wish was to have a horse of my own. After several years (and quite a few blue ribbons – toot, toot!) my equestrian career came to a screeching halt when I entered junior high and my social life was WAY more important.


Recently our family celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday at the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase races and I have to say it was one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time. The beauty, strength and majesty of those beautiful animals brought back very fond childhood memories. But it really was everything else about the entire experience (AND we’re back to that “social” thing) that made the day so magical.  Fantastic food, festive fashion (outrageous hats and seersucker suits, of course), super-friendly people, bottomless mimosas (yeah!!) and the exciting racing atmosphere made for an absolutely impeccable day!!

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That experience made me even more anxious to cross yet another destination of my “bucket list” – The Kentucky Derby!! And watching the real-deal Derby over the weekend may have pushed me over the line to full-blown obsession.  So I’ve gotten my name added the list to be notified when 2015 tickets go on sale, fingers are crossed!  Better start shopping now for my big Derby hat, learn the words to “My Old Kentucky Home”  and somehow acquire a taste for mint juleps before then.  I’m not horsing (hehe!) around!


In doing my Derby research I also discovered the wonderful world of horse racing around the globe (sometimes it really pays to Google things on the internet). There’s The Preakness in Maryland, The Belmont Stakes in New York, The Royal Ascot in England, The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the Dubai World Cup, just for starters. So, my “bucket list” just got a bit longer and I better be adding some more pages to my passport! Any activity that includes sports, friends, family, cocktails and fun (and dressing to impress!) is my idea of a GREAT time and hopefully next year I’ll be at Churchill Downs with over 164,000 of my closest friends! Big hats, big fun, race for the roses!


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