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My sister and three of her life-long besties just returned from a ten-day European “holiday” that I have no doubt was filled with epic adventures and priceless memories. The fact that they created their own hashtag (legit!), is just one of the fun, unique and offbeat elements of their “girls” trip.  Not only were the destinations they chose AMAZING  – Amsterdam, Austria, Budapest and Florence – but anywhere Jenny, Erin, Rebekah and Cat (#jercs) go, good times and LOTS of laughs will follow!


Although I was slightly jealous (okay, maybe INSANELY jealous), I very much enjoyed living vicariously through their regular social media postings of food, wine, cultural events (Hungarian baths count, right?) and plenty of jumping pics!  As if these countries weren’t already on my list, now I just need to figure out how to get there sooner!




The #jercs all met up in Budapest, Hungary and spent four incredible days immersing themselves in the history and traditions of the beautiful country.  And by “history”, I mean a trip to the aforementioned baths, snacks and refreshments after climbing Buda Hill, checking out the ruin pubs and yummy lunches of wienersnitzel and goulash overlooking the Danube.

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The next stop for the #jercs was Vienna, Austria – with planned visits to the Imperial Palace (and exquisite gardens!) and the Vienna Mozart Orchestra. So classy, girls!

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The one destination that I was THE most envious of was Florence, Italy.  The #jercs stayed in a beautiful and charming luxury apartment with a panoramic view over the Florence Cathedral and the Piazza del Duomo, one of the most visited places in Europe. ( – free plug, you’re welcome)  According to my sis, this was her very favorite part of the trip.  I’m pretty sure Jenny, on the other hand, was most excited about it being located right over the Prada store.  I may have gained a couple of pounds just thinking about all of that delicious Italian food and wine – they don’t call it “Eataly” for nothing!

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I don’t know how anyone could see fantastic travel pictures like these and not be motivated and compelled to see the world.  It may have sounded like I kept calling them #jercs (I’ll be honest, the double-meaning was a little fun) but I truly love every one of these girls.  Their boundless energy, appetite for adventure, zest for life and genuine love for each other is truly inspiring! Life is short – live, laugh, love… and travel (with friends!)!


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